Script Extracts

CLIMACTERIC (first two pages)
These are the first two pages of a full length tragic comedy, set in five acts.

A tragic comedy drama about 3 middle aged women dealing with the menopause and one woman in her 60’s attempting to lead them through it; a tale of hormones, love, relationships, abuse and a quest for personal freedom… whatever the cost, by fair means or foul. Set in the north of England, four very different characters meet once a week for a ‘writing for wellbeing’ style therapeutic session aimed at women needing support whilst going through the menopause. Same sex relationships, abusive husbands, class divide, an unlikely friendship, having a need to carry on and a longing to be free (even if the end result is incarceration) all come to the fore.

Fantastical (first 2 pages)
These are the first two pages of a ten-minute stage play.

A young hero completes his journey only to find that not all quests end in the success they envisaged.

Overdue (first two pages)
These are the first two pages of a pilot for a television comedy drama.

Off kilter characters interact in a town where the only public building left is the Library. Some of the characters are resigned to the cuts, some are more resistant and some have just lost the plot entirely – if they ever had it to begin with.

Theresa can’t keep her hands off the stationary, Sharon can’t keep her hands off anything with a ‘Y’ chromosome, Peter is having an affair whilst his wife is away in a war-torn hotspot, retiree Joan helps out with the kids with her unique ‘scare the crap out of em’ form of childcare, Trade Unionist John just hates everyone and the ‘feral teens’ are constantly on the lookout for mischief and acts of rebellion. Matthias the archivist, Max the newsagent proprietor and Councillor Geoff all have dark secrets that they’d rather keep that way and Joss would like to be more hands on but just hasn’t the time, especially as at the end of the first episode she’s found dead lying head first in a bowl of carrot and coriander soup.

Underlining the entire series is the growing threat/unease and political jostling to close or keep the Library open, whilst at the same time dealing with an unknown murderer on the loose; all culminating in episode six.


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