Peter Hurd

Award-winning playwright/scriptwriter

Making a living being a writer is my ultimate goal. My life and work experience has given me an ability to juggle multiple projects and also of working to a tight deadline. I am a candidate member of the Writers Guild of Great Britain and have attended the last three (2016/18) Craft of Comedy Conferences in Llandudno. I am fully proficient in Final Draft.


2000 – 2003. Westminster College, Oxford Brookes University
Primary PGCE. Focus on KS1. (Specialising in History/R.E.) and attainment of QTS.
1998 – 1999 University of Bradford, Dept. of Peace Studies
MA in International Politics and Security Studies
1993 – 1996 University of Leeds, Dept. of International Studies
BA in International Studies


Casabangor – award-winning play at Theatr Gwaun in Fishguard, South Wales, 2016.
An escapee from the local psychiatric unit, who believes he is the onscreen persona of Humphrey Bogart, is ruminating on the ‘death’ of his partner. It is published in Pint Size Plays, Volume 4 and can be seen in video format via this link:

Cathedral at Night – One of six winning plays (out of 200) chosen by the Founding Fall Theatre Co. and performed at the Draper Theatre in London summer 2019. A short play about two Gargoyles that make small talk to pass away the night while trading insults with a statue of St. Michael,

Overdue – TV comedy drama placing in top 17% for BBC Comedy Writing Submissions 2017. A Library Sitcom in the unhinged town of Melton Bottom where the threat of closure is compounded by the murder of a senior member of staff.

Climacteric – A 5 Act play re-written for Radio placing in the top 14% for BBC Comedy Writing Submissions 2018. A tragic comedy drama about 3 middle aged women dealing with the menopause and one woman in her 60’s attempting to lead them through it; a tale of hormones, love, relationships, abuse and a quest for personal freedom…whatever the cost, by fair means or foul.

It made the top 200 longlist (out of 2067) for the Theatre 503 Playwriting award 2018 in it’s original stageplay format and made the top 53 longlist for the Bread & Roses Theatre playwriting award 2019.

The Sword and the Stoner –  A short film made in 2017.
A 10-minute comedy highlighting the modern world’s obsession with the mobile phone. I co-wrote this film with author Mike Revell and was the Assistant Director.

Brexit Brain Enema – short film made in 2018 under the group name of the Gogledd Brigadistas. A 15 minute short comedy film that voices the groups dissent against Brexit. I wrote, directed and was co-producer. It can be seen in video format via this link:

Generation Z: Zombies, Popular Culture and Educating Youth
I wrote Chapter 13, entitled ‘Killing me Softly’. A dark comedy regarding a supply teacher
slowly becoming a zombie in an educational world where the vast majority of students and faculty have already become zombies. This is my magnum opus to the world of teaching.

The Coast to Coast Writing Competition (2008 Winner’s Anthology)
I received the Bob Cooper prize for humour with the short story ‘A Quiet Night In.’. The story is about a collection of traditional monsters meeting for their yearly game of cards on Halloween before venturing out to scare humanity. However, the late 20th/early 21st century has changed them, much to the chagrin of one of their members.


2018 – present. Bookseller (part time)
2001 – 2015 Primary school teacher
1999 – 2000 Play Co-ordinator (Manager)
Beecroft and Sacred Heart After School Club
1997 – 1998 Residential Child Care Officer
Leeds City Council Social Services
1995 – 1996 Relief Child Care Officer
Hull City Council Social Services
1991 – 1995 P-T Sales Assistant
Victoria Wines, Hull
1986 – 1991 Stockman/Farm worker


Since 2016 I have written 20 monologues which I have performed locally. I have created 7 short comedy plays for theatre and radio that include a variety of characters and settings, two 30 minute pilot comedies for television, one 30 pilot comedy for radio and one 5 Act play, ‘Climacteric’. I also lead a free creative writing session at my local library once a month consisting of 2/3 workshops to help get that ink onto the paper!

When I’m not writing I enjoy walking in the hills of North Wales, chopping and chain sawing up wood for the winter and getting about on my electric bike


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